Friday, November 4, 2011

Dude Man Dude Photo Gallery

Clockwise from left-Adam Stamp Vidal Sign (Hollywood Gore) Taylor Zepeda Lick My Skull, Walker Baron House Plant
     Taylor Zepeda Lick My Skull
Acrylic, Aero soft pellets, VHS cover on poster
70" x 48"

Alex Sanchez Mercy came with faith (shoes)
Black plastic bags, spray paint, black gesso, oil on top of shoes box
Dimensions variable

Adam Stamp Vidal Sign (Hollywood Gore)
Acrylic on paper
4' x 6'
 Walker Baron House Plant
Cardboard, Paint, wire and paper
Variable Dimensions
 Jonathan Stofenmacher When I was Growing up We Had Different Types of Trees for Christmas
Pedestal, weed nug, resin, snow flakes, distilled water in snow globe
Dimensions variable
 Alex Becerra ChoKaala Way!
Packing tape,wax, tape and hair
lifesize hand
 Ricky Ibarra Untitled 2011
Oil paint , firecrackers on paper
16" x 24
 Joey Wolf Always Flossin And Still Got Bad Teeth MixTape (B-Side)
Cassette Tape and player
Dimensions Variable

Natalie Jones Synthetic Fluorite (Pink)
Roofing tar, wood, Spray paint on pedestal
Dimension Variable
 L-Clockwise Alex Becerra, Mark Farina MxF, Natalie Jones
 L-Clockwise Ricky Ibarra African Nerve Control, Alex Becerra Mona Lisa Smile (one Man Boogie Jesse Jackson)
Taylor Zepeda Amelia Airheart Looks Like A Eggplant
Mixed media collage on wood
18" x 13"

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